Portfolio Work : Marc Lucero

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I am currently working on some new portfolio images and was working with Marc Lucero [website], a comedian who lives in my neighborhood.

Our plan is to put together a diverse set of images, which will include both digital and film, and mainly on location.  For this part of the portfolio build we worked in a private function room making use of the invisible black backdrop [tutorial] as well as some of the furniture available there, already.

The lighting which was used was one light, Alien Bee, with different modifiers – octabank, shoot through umbrella or grid.  All pictures taken with my Nikon D700 and a 50mm or 135mm lens.

Marc Lucero Social Media.jpg 3

Marc Luceros Social Media 2


Marc Lucero Social Media


I look forward to adding further pictures from our shoot – as you can see I do like this black background technique.  It is simple, effective, and for those who don’t know how it works it does astound them somewhat!

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Summer 2013 : On Film

Hello folks and I hope that this post finds you well on this grey and dreary day?

As some of you regular readers will know I am a big fan of 35mm film.  There are loads of reasons for this, however, one of them is the imperfection, look and feel of pictures which are taken on film as well as (for me) the nostalgia!

I am currently going through my scans from the numerous rolls of film which I took with me, and I wanted to share a picture of my two sons which really stuck out the most and really says what our holiday was all about.  This particular shot was taken on Rollei CR200 through an Olympus Trip 35.


This particular film is especially for cross processing your images.  As you can see it has that old fashioned, classic look!  I have a term with which I describe why film works – the beauty of it is in the imperfection.

I intend to share some more pictures from the holiday once they are all scanned and archived.

What are your thoughts on film? Do you think it is dead? Or do you think that there is still a place for the medium of film?

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Revisiting old images with new techniques

Hello folks and I hope that this post reaches you well?

I have been making space on my hard drives and whilst looking at the pictures I took some time ago I wanted to edit them using new techniques as well as filters which I have on the new Photoshop CC.  This is an image I took of Kris Sommerville which I retouched using techniques by Glyn Dewis.

The image was taken using one large softbox and making use of the inverse square law to get the background to go dark as it has.  The post processing consisted of a raw conversion, sharpening as well as a different than usual black and white conversion.

Sommerville film noir

I personally love this film noir style because of its striking drama.  It is simple to achieve and very effective.

I based some of the post processing on the following video tutorial by Glyn Dewis

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Promo Shoot : Jason Wing

Hello and I hope that this post reaches you well?

I had the pleasure of working with very talented British actor, Jason Wing not so long ago.

Jason is an actor / screenwriter from South West London.  His father was Cherokee and his mother British.  He  trained at the Drama Centre via a Sir Anthony Hopkins scholarship. Jason has had both film and theatre roles as well as cameos in feature films.  His screenwriting credits include The Ballad Of Mulla And Mullins, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010 [Jason’s website]

Jason asked me to help him refresh his actors’ portfolio and as part of his new portfolio we were going to be working mainly with 35mm film as well as some digital images.

For the digital images we used my back garden as the intention was to have pictures with a black background.  The technique I used to achieve this look can be found on Glyn Dewis’ Youtube Channel by clicking here

The film shots were taken close by at Kensal Green Cemetery.  I love this place – with so much history as well as parts where you can take great pictures.

For the shoot I used the following equipment –

Olympus OM2n SLR + 50mm f1.8

Nikon D3s

50mm f1.4

85mm f1.8

The film for the OM2n was Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak BW400CN.  I love the Portra as so far it has behaved differently for each shoot I have used it for.


Kodak Portra 400


Kodak Portra 400


Kodak BW400CN

jason sample111

Kodak BW400CN




I hope you like the pictures.  Please feel free to leave your comments below.  Should you wish to refresh your portfolio whether with digital, or analogue pictures, get in touch for more info either via e-mail or through my website.  E-mail me on todor@nw10photography.com.

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Summer Family Shoot

Hi folks and I hope that you are all well?

Not so long ago I was asked to do a family shoot.  I worked with this particular family on a number of previous occasions and wanted to do a location shoot this time as previously we worked indoors (actually that was more to do with the British weather!)

The shoot took place in Roundwood Park and I primarily worked with my Nikon D700 and 50mm lens.

Here are a few images from our session.




If you would like to book a family portrait session with me then please contact me via e-mail todor@nw10photography.com

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Builder’s Hands Video Tutorial

Hello and as promised I have recorded a short video tutorial on how I achieved the look in my previous post called BUILDER’s HANDS [click here].

What you will notice is that I have used a similar image, instead of the posted one, and that to save time I walked you through the different layers explaining what I did and why.

Let me know what you think either below or via e-mail todor@nw10photography.com

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Builder’s Hands

Hi folks and I hope that this post finds you well?

Here is an image which I would like to share with you that I took of my builder’s hands.  As you can see these are hard working hands!

I will be recording a short walk through on how I processed this image.  Until then please feel free to leave your comments below.


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Promo Shoot : 12 week body transformation

Hi folks!

I hope that you are all well? I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with Thamir who recently completed a 12 week body transformation with On Point Training, London.   Thamir went through 12 weeks of hard training with Jay Benedetti.  I was extremely impressed with the transformation having seen the before images!  I you would like to find out more then contact OnPoint Training by clicking here.

A few times prior to the shoot Thamir contacted me to say that he was getting rather nervous for the shoot itself.  I explained that he had nothing to worry about as I have a couple of techiniques which I employ when working with clients.

On the day of the shoot it was Thamir, as well as Jay and a make up artist. I explained to Thamir that I knew he was nervous so we would be starting off with some simple excersizes I have found that work when working with someone who is a little nervous.  The first technique I use is when I am doing the test shots.  This is where I get the client to close their eyes, relax their facial muscles and control their breathing, which will in turn calm their heart rate.  Whilst they have their eyes closed and are focused on this I take a number of test shots and when happy with the exposure I explain to them that on the count of three to open their eyes very slowly.  I have found that I can get some very intense images with this technique, too.  Following on from this another task I gave to Thamir was to go through various poses which would get him to focus on something other than the camera.

The studio we used was called Village Studios based in Bexley as opposed to the usual one I use in North West London.  It was very nice, very friendly, albeit a bit of a schlep! The lighting which was used was two strip boxes either side and a fill light to the front.

Here is one of the images from the shoot.  The processing was a combination of techniques used by Joel Grimes, Glyn Dewis and Calvin Hollywood at Kelby Training [click here].  Furthermore, I also downloaded a trial copy of Topaz Adjust which I have used sparingly here.  An absolutely, awesome bit of kit!

Here is one of the images from the shoot which I quite liked.  Please let me know what you think of the shot in comments section below.

Thamir Website

If you would like to learn more about physique photography and see what images inspired my shoot then go to Glyn Dewis’ site where you can see a selection of images as well as future courses on the subject [click here].

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Stock Photography Video Tutorial : Editing your image

Hi folks and I hope that you are all well?

Over the last few weeks I have been recording a number of video tutorials.  Not easy to do in one take at the moment, but I am sure as I progress they will become a little easier and complete within the one recording.

Not so long ago a friend asked about the process of my stock workflow as he is keen to become a contributor.  So I put together this set of videos which are intended to be a beginner’s guide to taking an image from the RAW capture through to the upload and categorising of the picture at the agency.

The techniques which I regularly use for editing stock images I have learnt from the following – Calvin Hollywood [click here], Glyn Dewis [click here] and AJ Wood [click here].

I am still rather new to the world of video tutorials, so please any constructive feedback will be appreciated either on here, or you can contact me via e-mail todor@nw10photography.com

Next time I will be sharing the second part of this tutorial which is keywording your image.

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