Well it has not been a great week.  Last Thursday I received an email from bigfolio saying that they regretted to inform me that my site and all its contents had been deleted from the server it was being hosted on.  I was not impressed to say the least as I had just created my site and uploaded it only to have it deleted.

Bigfolio have done their very best to keep its customers updated as to what had happened.  I received an honest e-mail from them saying that they were trying out a new piece of software and there was an ‘event’ leading to the server deleting all the sites.  Within the e-mail I was given a list of options of what they would do for customers like 6months free hosting, or free template upgrades.  I opted for the template upgrade.  I chose the new artist series.  I really liked it as it was different to what I have seen on line, and if you want animations you can have them.

I am still putting the site together.  I was lucky in that I had saved the content and some images that I had edited.  Right now I would say that the site is 80% complete.  What is required is to complete the image uploads, arrange the images, and test it.  I recon it will take another couple of weeks to complete as I will be doing the majority of the work on the weekend.

Here is a link to bigfolio and some examples of the artist range.  I hope you like what they have created, please let me know what you think!

artist series