Pre Batmitzvah Photo Shoot

I have recently been booked to photograph a bat mitzvah and in order to get to know the family, especially the kids, I arranged a family photoshoot.

For those of you who do not know what a bat mitzvah is under Jewish law when a girl reaches the age of 12 she becomes responsible for her actions, and therefore a bat mitzvah.  The same applies for boys when they reach 13 years of age, and they become a bar mitzvah.

Here are some of the photos for you of the shoot which was done at the local park.  I used my trusted 5DII with 24-70mm lens, and 50D with 70-200mm lens.  I also used off camera flash which was triggered by radio remotes bought from e-bay.

As ever if you have any feedback, please get in touch.

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