Return Favour Photo Shoot

On Saturday 11th September 2010 I had the pleasure of using my cousin, Sasha, as an arm model for a product shoot.  In return I took some shots of him.

The shoot took place in his bedroom.  Luckily it is a double bedroom, but in true style if a 20 -something it was litttered with games consoles, clothes, spare double mattress leaving us with limited space, but we both made good of what we had.  We used a purple double king sized bed sheet to cover the front of the wardrobe, and we used soft ambient lighting from the desk lamps.  In terms of kit I used my trusted 5DII, remotes from e bay, 580EX II, and an umbrella (that has fallen on its side a couple of times…!)

We had a great time, and Sasha knew what he was doing with minimal direction.  It was quite spontaneous with two clothing changes.

The images were processed using Canon’s DPP and CS5 and Kevin Kubota’s trusted (AV2) actions were used.

Here are some of the images fromthe shoot.  I hope you like them.  If you have any feedback, or questions, then please get in touch.