Pick of the Week : Behind the Scenes Video with Bon Jovi | David Bergman

If you love Bon Jovi, and music photography this is the video for you! I was exposed to David Bergman whilst reading Glyn Dewis’ blog (www.glyndewisblog.com).   His shots are awesome!  They are crisp, bright, and really capture the moment.  David’s blog is excellent in that it is easy to read, and his images have the exif data – which is something that I find really useful as a starting point/guide to taking a similar kind of shot in a similar situation.  One thing I would like to emphasise is what David says within his video, and that is if you like concert photography, you have to start small.  Everyone knows someone who has a band.  Get in touch with them, and take them out for a shoot.  Get some inspiration from the images that are on line (if you don’t know where to start check out the above two blogs) and take it from there. Who knows?  You could be shooting at Wembley in a few years time!
Enjoy the video and feel free to post your comments!

Behind the Scenes Video with Bon Jovi | New York Action Photographer and Video Producer David Bergman | Sports and Music Photography.