An impromptu portrait

It has just gone midnight, early Saturday morning, and I have just edited a selection of pictures I took of my cousin earlier on in the evening.  I would usually be in bed at this time, but I made the stupid mistake of drinking two espresso coffees!  However, the good that has come out of it is that I have some time to myself to update the blog whilst the wife and son are asleep!

Aside from taking some portraits of my cousin, I took some of his new puppies – obviously not his, as that would be a medical first…!  These shots will be up early next week as there are loads to go through.  My cousin was easy to work with as he just chilled out in his favourite chair, having a smoke.

For those who are interested I used a Canon 5D Mk2, 580ex2 flash which was triggered remotely.  The flash was on a stand firing at 1/16th into a collapsed Westcott umbrella.  My post productd involved a little brightener, and Jeff Ascough’s Silver Actions that I really like.

As always, I welcome any feedback whether technical, or otherwise.

Thanks for taking the time to read..

Todor @nw10photography