Portfolio Builder Shoot – Little Rosie

I have taken a week off from work not only to spend time with the family, but also to be able to dedicate some time to the photography, as the day job has been keeping me very busy!

Today I did a family photo shoot that was originally intended to be shot in Queens Park, however, due to the wet and rainy weather, the shoot was done at the clients’ home address.  My clients knew that this shoot was to assist with building up my portfolio, therefore, it was an unpaid session.  The clients would receive free images, and I would receive images that I could use on my main website.

I hope you like some of the images that I have selected for the blog.  I am still undecided as to which image/s from the shoot will be on the website.

The equipment that I used today was my usual Canons (50D and 5D 2), with 24-70mm + 70-200mm lenses, off camera flash / softbox, and the new pocket wizard Plus 2s (an awesome bit of kit, I hasten to add!!)  The images were processed using LR and CS5.

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