Portrait Shoot – Family

Over the half term I had the pleasure of photographing Stala and her two very gorgeous children, Mateo and Ariana – Stala is my cousin and is always willing to assist by allowing me to shoot her Ariana and Mateo.

I have photographed them before, but that was when I started getting serious about photography.  I could see a clear difference between these shots and the first time I took them out.  On this occassion I was more structured with the session, I shot in RAW, and I did not machine gun the session in the park.

We went Queens Park and the intention was to take pictures of the children playing, and some limited posed shots, too.  Although I knew my cousin and her children, I had not seen them for a few months, so I still spent some time rapport building with everyone.  This would ensure that her children would not shy away from me when they saw me aiming a 70-200mm lens at them!  The weather was your standard overcast October’s day, however, it did mean that there was no harsh lighting from the sun causing any unsightly shadowing.

The kit that I used was my 50D, 70-200mm lens, or my 5D 2 with the 24-70mm lens (which has become my new best mate)! They were processed using LR3.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I have added below, but to see all of them, please click here for a video that I created using animoto.

As always, please feel free to add your comments.