stock photography article

I am in the middle of editing images from a few shoots this weekend, so I will not be posting any articles this weekend.  The next article will be on line next week.

However, I recently read an interesting article on Stock Photography.  I am still interested in getting into stock photography, despite reading this article and being enlightened by some of the comments.

I have seen first hand the financial returns you can get from microstock, and yes it has the potential of seriously high returns.  In my opinion the microstockers who have been shooting stock for a few years will remain and continue to do well, whereas those who are getting into the microstock game may struggle to do as well.  Will microstock market implode soon? There are only so many different pictures you can take of people shaking hands and exchanging keys!

Anyway, here is a link to the article, and feel free to leave your comments, here.