stranger portrait

A couple of weeks ago I was doing a photo shoot with my neice.  Whilst my neice was taking a call I saw a lady in the park who had a really cool winter’s hat which I really wanted to take a picture of.  So I approached her, camera in tow, and having introduced myself asked whether she would like to have her portrait taken.  She kindly said yes and we walked over to where I was taking shots of my neice.
This is a real challenge as you have to build a rapport within the first minute.  On this occassion I used her cool hat, and chatted about where she came from – Romania.  Having broken the ice, I explained that I would have to take some test shots to get the exposure right. Once I found the correct exposure I snapped away and chatted at the same time, as I am conscious of going quiet and just shooting – and see tumbleweed rolling across the background!!

I managed to rattle off a number of images and was pleased with what I got. I did not do much in post production aside from sharpening in lightroom, and popping the colour.

If you do decide to approach a stranger you may want to consider the following –

::Be polite

::Explain that they will have an opportunity to obtain the images for free

::Whatever you do don’t assist them into a pose  by touching them etc.  Direct them, and if need be you show them yourself how you want them to stand

::Always have a business card to hand so that you can give them one

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Thanks and have a great weekend