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On Saturday 11th December 2010 I had the pleasure of photographing an up and coming young London band called Still Life in a North London Studio called Studio Face.

The intention of the shoot was two-fold, firstly to give me a chance to shoot a band within a studio setting and second to provide still life with a portfolio of images to use.  The structure of the shoot was to be group shots, that involved a number of different lighting styles, then individual portraits.  For the most part of the shoot, Eddie, who owns Studio Face, helped out with the lighting, however, I took responsibility of the lighting when it came to the individual portraits using a hot shoe flash and softbox.

For those of you who don’t know anything about the band, here is an exerpt from their facebook site.

Formed in the Spring of 2010, Still Life are a fast up-and-coming Rock/Pop band from London. Together, this four-piece create a potent sound that is both upbeat and melancholic in equal measure. With catchy, distinctive melodies and heartfelt lyrics, their music overturns stones of love, friendship and loss; touching on themes of personal discovery, finding a place in society and longing to escape the pinball machine of nine-to-five life. With influences ranging from Muse and Jeff Buckley to U2 and Coldplay, Still Life combine layers of melody with a bittersweet sentiment.

The equipment I used was my Canon 5D mark 2, pocket wizards and my 580 EX2, with softbox.  As for studio lighting the studio was already fully kitted out with the latest Bowens lighting.  I was very lucky that Eddie was on hand to help with the studio lighting, effortlessly setting up when I needed him.  I just watched and learnt!  However, when it came to setting up the individual shoots using the off camera flash I was in my element, muttering away the settings like a loon!

I wanted to do some bright shots as well as some moody shots.  I could see in my head how I wanted them to be – simple and in black and white – just to get some contrast in styles.

Here are the images from the shoot.  The band have seen these and are pleased with them, and I hope you are, too.  Please feel free to leave your comments. 


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