A quick new year’s update…

Hello and happy new year to you all.  I hope that you all had a lovely new year, and Christmas break.

For me this is the start of year 2 of my 5 year plan with my photography business.  Having reviewed last year I have identified areas of development with the business, and areas where I really made some stupid mistakes.  I guess having identified these errors and areas of development is one thing, it is not repeating them which is the key.

One area which will be seeing more work will be portfolio development.  Over the christmas period I have been writing to numerous musicians who have sessioned with world class performers.  I have even had the opportunity to meet with Robert Davies the manager of the band, Starman, which is fronted by Andrew Stone, of Pineapple Dance Studios fame.
All I have been doing is e-mailing musicians, explaining that I am in the process of building a portfolio,  and am asking whether they would be willing to take part in a photo shoot with me.   The deal would be receiving the images in return for their time.  A long shot?  Yes, but where both parties benefit.

Now all I have left to do is confirm dates, and do the shoots which I am really looking forward to.

So New Year’s Resolution number 1 – Portfolio, portfolio, portfolio!!

Thanks for reading.