Promo Shoot – Simone Alexander

I had the pleasure of photographing London based Simone Alexander, a very talented singer songwriter.  The brief was to go into the studio and on location and come out with images that she could use to promote herself.

We used Studio Face in Mill Hill, then after that went on location and spent an hour on Hamstead Heath.

We spent a few hours in the studio and went through a number of wardrobe changes that really worked well, I think.  The first images, with the white background, were lit using four lights – 2 to the front and 2 to the back.  The rest of the images were lit using one speedlight and techniques as taught by Zack Arias on his one light workshop.

The pictures were taken using my new D700 + 24-120mm f4 lens.  The speedlight was triggered using my trusted pocket wizards.  I am pleased with the results and I hope you like them, too.  Please feel free to add your comments.