My newphew and his friend in portobello

Last Sunday my nephew asked me whether I would like to take some photos of him and his friend, his words being ‘cool FB shots’ – roughly ranslated, pictures that they can put on facebook!  Naturally, I said yes, and we went to Portobello Market area.  There are some really cool photo locations there.

Portobello Market is a world famous flea market situated in West London between Notting Hill Gate and the Harrow Road.  It is a populart destination for Londoners and tourists alike.

The area is infamous for the Hugh Grant/Julia Roberts film, Notting Hill, which still sees tourists asking where they can find the blue door, and bookshop!

Here are some pictures from the Portobello Road area where I have used a graffiti backdrop and a cul-de-sac.

Lighting was one softbox and a SB80DX triggered by PW Plus 2s.  Camera was my D700 and 24-120mm f4 lens (really love this lens)