Invisible Black Background – short lesson courtesy of Glyn Dewis

Recently, on a number of shoots, I have been making use of a technique whereby you can turn any background completely black.  There are a number of names for this but to keep it simeple I cam going to refer to it as The Invisible Black Backdrop. This is achieved by controlling how much ambient light you are allowing onto the camera’s sensor.

Here is an example where I used the technique.  This image was taken on a very sunny day.  I found an area of soft light and set my shutter speed to 1/250th, my speedlight was in manual and set to 1/4 power, and I started the aperture at around f6.3.  I checked the display screen on the back of my camera and adjusted the aperture as necessary.  A point of note, and you will see this in the linked tutorial, when taking your picture ALWAYS hold the camer as you would be taking a portrait in its vertical position.

A good friend and very talented photographer and Photoshop editor, Glyn Dewis, showed me on his blog how to get the invisible black backdrop look and here is a short video, and link to his tutorial.

[Click here] to read the tutorial on Glyn Dewis’ blog.

For more of Glyn’s video tutorials [click here] and here is also a link to his blog that is a wealth of info on all things photography [click here]

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and it is something well worth adding to your photographic repertoire!

Have a great Easter weekend!