Promo Shoot @ Pineapple Dance Studios

I was asked to do a portfolio shoot for a dance teacher at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios the other week.  The brief was to create some bright images that could be used for promotional as well as personal use.

We booked one of the smaller studios, and as expected it was mirrors on three of its walls and painted brick.  I had the usual kit, 60″ umbrella, softbox, and speedlights, as well as my camera and pocket wizards.

I created my white background using a white sheet that was clipped to one of the mirrors.  In front of it I placed a speedlight (which was on slave mode) and for the main light I used a reflective 60″ umbrella.  The main light was set to 1/4th power and the slave to 1/2 power.  The camera was set to ISO 200, f5.6 and 1/250th shutter speed.

The images were editing using LR and photoshop.  The work in LR was popping the colour and sharpening whereas in PS I removed blemishes and smoothened the skin.