Backgrounds, Textures and microstock

It has been a busy week with enquiries and 2 confirmed bookings for promo portraits, which I am looking forward to.

This week I had the pleasure of having a coffee with Glyn Dewis [link] and whilst we sat there chatting I asked him about some of the grungy textures he uses for his composites, ie: which microstock agencies he buys the images from.  He told me which agency he used, however, gave me a very good piece of advice.  Instead of buying an image to go out there and shoot a textured wall, paving, anything that could be used as a background.  So when I got home I put this into practice.  I spent an hour or so in the garden photographing the house bricks, the rendered wall etc.

I processed my best images in lightroom first, then added some punch in the shadows using photoshop.  When I completed the images I added them to my textures/backgrounds folder, AND submitted them to the microstock agencies that I contribute to.  All three of the images that I submitted were accepted.  So it goes to show : Just get out there (anywhere) and shoot – and if you are thinking where shall I go today?  Well, like charity, begin at home.

These images were taken in Aperture Priority mode and the EV was +1, using a 24-120mm f4 lens.

Here are a couple of agencies that I contribute to –


Royalty Free Images

Some useful links :

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