Sigh Clothing Shoot

Here is my full blog post for the shoot I did with Sigh Clothing.  If you have not already seen some sample images [click here] to see a behind the scenes shot and one I did for which is aimed at using for my portfolio, and very different to the brief.

Sigh Clothing [click here] is aimed at women who like to express their individual, sensual nature and laid back style.  The clothing is totally original, using easy to wear fabrics in an organically developing collections.  Sigh Clothing’s range of clothes are aimed for women, occasionally men and children, of all ages, and they can be worn in many different lifestyle situations.

This was the first of a two part shoot – the second using a different model – and the aim was to keep things clean and simple.  We were going to use a light coloured wall as background and they were going to be  acombination of inside as well as outside images – alas, the great British weather did not hold out, and due to heavy rain we could not complete this.

The lighting was simple, hot shoe flash (HSF) firing into a refective umbrella, and a reflector.  As simple as that. The cameras was in manual and set to F5.0, ISO 200, 1/250th. All images were edited in LightRoom, then in Photoshop using techniques learnt in Scott Kelby’s [click here] book that I recently bought called Professional Portrait Retouching Techniques [click here].