Photo Booth : My neice’s 18th Birthday Portraits

I was asked by my neice whether I would like to take some portraits of her and her guests for her 18th Birthday Party.  Of course I was going to do it! I jumped at the chance, not only as it would be a fantastic memento for her, but also for the experience of it, too.

I was fornutate that the venue had an area we could use.  So I set up my trusted 60″ reflective umbrella and after setting up started shooting! I would say that it was a significant learning curve, as you have to really make sure everyone understands what you are asking them to do, especially as most of my family do not speak English!  So to make it easier for people to know where to stand I stuck a piece of masking tape to the floor.

So here it is, a slideshow of some of the images that I got from the evening.