Promo Shoot : Vienna in Love

Wow! It has been a manic couple of weeks with shoots and enquiries from future clients.  You may remember that I was hired to shoot some promotional material for a band called Still Life [click here] towards the end of last year.  The band has had some changes in line up and in name.  Now they are called Vienna In Love.  I was really honoured when they called to ask me to do some more photography with them.

Vienna In Love are a British band that was formed in London in 2011.  Their sound has been influenced by electro, pop, post punk and new wave.  They are definitely on the up and up, as they have been invited to play festivals in Chicago, USA, as well as Europe and gigs in the UK.  Their new single, titled “Don’t Give Up” is due for releas on the 27th October 2011.

What was really impressive is that Interscope records will be taking part in distributing their new single!  For those of you who do not know who Interscope are, they are a huge record label.  Their artists include Lady Ga Ga, to name one of them.

This shoot took place in a North London studio called Studio Face.  I have used them on numerous occassions and find them to be the most helpful and friendly studio around – Thanks Eddie!

Simplicity was the key to the shoot, so it was either one light, or two, using a grey, or black background.

Here are some of the band’s favourite images, as well as the image used for the poster to advertise their gig at Chinawhite in London.




Here are some links for you to the Vienna In Love Reverb Nation page and a couple of others…

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