My first composite image

One thing that I have been meaning to start learning is compositing.  Everything that you see whether in magazines/billboards etc seems to have been a form of composite.  Initially I was not enthused by the thought of a composite, however, I have seen that it has its benefits – whether it is learning how to make the perfect selection using the quick selection tool, to creating images using a multitude of backgrounds.

Today, I had the time to sit down and start practising compositing.  I used a lesson that I found on line by Glyn Dewis [click here].  It is one of many techniques that are out there.  I have a number of images to composite using techniques from Matt Kloskowski’s Compositing Secrets Book – and I will be sure to post them on here for you to comment.

I know this image is not going to make the likes of Matt Kloskowski and Calvin Hollywood quake in their boots, however, it is a start! PS I have to thank Matt Kloskowski for the background image.

Your feedback will be graciously received.

Thanks for reading.