Just some end of the week news…

This week saw the release of a brand new app from Scott Kelby called Lighting Recipes.  I downloaded it as soon as I could and went through a few of them.  I have to say that I love it.  Essentially it is Scott Kelby introducing an image, and then going through the lighting set-up.  It is quick, easy and really easy to digest with diverse shots from inside a studio and out on location.  It is definitely something that I will be referring to on a regular basis and adding to my lighting arsenal.  If you have an iPad then click here and it is FREE!!!

I would also like to introduce a friend of mine who has recently begun to build a photography portfolio, both wet film and digital.  His name is Ian Scanlon.  Ian is a fine art major, and have always been impressed with his amazing portraits – and he has already made a positive start with his photos, too.  Ian has asked me for a few tips regarding the business of photography, and although I am no expert, I have shared a few tips which shall be part of a new blog post.  So please go to his site and give him as much support as you can [click here]

That’s all for this blog, however, I will be posting a new article on my sister site [click here] for an event that I covered.  Have a great weekend!


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