End of week update

Something that I have been very guilty of over the last few months is that I have been too focused on portfolio images, and not taking eough pictures of the family as well as something other than portraits and events, ie images for stock.  So with a cluster of birthdays and commutes to work, there were no excuses for not taking my camera out with me every day!

I have to say that there are times when I just put my head down and walk to work, and there are times when I will look round me and absorb the architecture, and general environment – whether it be the train journey, the station, as well as the route which contains a gorgeous church, as well as alleyways, and other textures in the form of walls.

Here is an image that I took of St Saviour’s School Church, which is in Ealing Broadway, London.  Now, one thing that I have to mention is that I shoot primes, therefore, on this occasion I only had my 24mm lens with me.  So it meant thinking more, and not depending on focusing in and out.  I had to move around and think more on composition of the image.

This image was shot in aperture priority mode, at ISO 200, and F9 using my Nikon D3s.  The processing was simple – I adjusted the white balance in Lightroom, as well as the sharpening.  I then transferred the image into Photoshop CS5 where I processed it using the Lab Colour Mode technique I wrote about recently.  However, instead of keeping the blend mode at Soft Light, I thought I would have a try at going through all blend modes.  The final image was completed using blend Mode Darker Colour.  If you have not read the post, here is a link to it here – http://wp.me/pSSen-gJ

RAW image with sharpening and white balance adjustment

Processed Image

In the next blog post I shall be sharing the family images, as well as some from local photowalks I have done in my neighbourhood.

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