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I am forever keen to learn more whether it be about taking a picture to editing my images within Photoshop or another piece of editing software. I have invested in books, tutorial videos, as well as membership sites.  So, I was pleased to hear that German re-toucher, Calvin Hollywood has a training DVD by the name of Calvinize.  I love his unique style of editing, which I can only describe as gritty, grungy, dirty and sharp!

The DVD costs $39 and it is well worth every cent!  You can either download it, for both your computer, and iPAD, as well as log into a private area and watch it on line.  I must say to you that it is not meant for the novice to Photoshop, and you should have a basic grasp of the programme.

I have slowly been going through the videos, and I have found that learning has been easier than other lessons that I have learnt from.  I think this (honestly) has to do with the fact that Calvin’s first language is German, and he speaks in broken English.  I have remembered more from one viewing than numerous viewings and reading of books!

Please note that Calvin uses CS4 as opposed to the latest CS5 version of Photoshop – however, I personally do not see an issue with this.

Here is a trailer for the Calvinize DVD as well as a link to where you can purchase it on line [click here].

I look forward to sharing some of the images which I have processed using the techniques learnt on the DVD.

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Calvin Hollywood