Rooftop Yoga Shoot

Regular readers to my blog will know that recently I had the pleasure of working a very talented London based actor, Giles Pearson.  On Monday I had the pleasure of delivering his images from our promo shoot.  I had my camera with me so I made full use of shooting images that could be used as stock – especially the clouds which were really full and the sky which was a gorgeous shade of blue.

During our chat we discussed future shoots and one shoot that is imminent will be a yoga based shoot.  An idea that was mooted was to do it on the studio rooftop.  So we trotted up the stairs to the roof, and found a large table like structure where Giles kindly did some poses for me just so that I could do some test shots to get an idea of where to start with ideas for our shoot.

Here are a few of the test images from the rooftop –


Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to do the actual shoot now – let’s hope the weather continues like this!