London Photo Walk

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting friend and fellow photographer Nick Stubbs.  Some of you may recall I interviewed Nick for this blog about his website, All Things Photography, as well the other strands to his succesful photography business – weddings and stock [click here].  We have been talking about getting together here in London and taking the odd photograph, or two not only for our portfolios, but also for potential stock.

We had a great day out together.  We started off in Euston and the obligatory pilgrimage to Calumet Photographic, then walked down towards Covent Garden.  One place we stumbled upon (somewhere I never knew existed) was Neal’s Yard, near Covent Garden.  Wow, what an amazing place with gorgeous colours and buildings.  Here Nick spent some time recording some video footage, and me taking a number of images of the brightly colorued buildings.  We then walked into Covent Garden, then down to Embankment, South Bank, Blackfriars, crossing the Millenium Bridge, then returning to Embankment Station and returning home.

Aside from spending some really good time with a friend, I learnt a number of things regarding my photography and images that I capture.

The main lesson I learnt from our walk was to raise my vision a little more and not focus on what is at street level.  Just before Covent Garden Nick spotted a gorgeous three toned building – green, red, grey set behind some traditional buildings.  This is something I never even thought of, nor would have seen as my vision was too focussed on the ‘ground floor’.  Raising vision and capturing an architectural image that is different will now be on the forefront of my mind in future.

Here are a couple of images that I took –

All these images were taken using Aperture Priority Setting on the camera at either f7.1 or f11.

Here is a video that was created by Nick Stubbs –

I hope that you liked the images from our photowalk? Please feel free to leave your comments.

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