Eleni Bridal Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented bridal designer Eleni Costi, of Eleni Bridal recently. The shoot was to showcase her new collection of gorgeous bridal gowns. The shoot took place at Studio Face photography studio which I use on a regular basis. It was a very busy day going through ten outfits – but well worth it, and made smooth due to the fact that we had a professional model to work with.

The brief was to do something different and make the dresses stand out. We discussed several ideas during the planning phase for the shoot and after searching through the internet I found that the models who were photographed on a lighter background their dresses seemed to blend with it. However, with darker backgrounds the dress would ‘pop’ out and be eyecatching.

So this was suggested and after showing some samples it was decided to use a black background, with a simple 3 light set up. Two softboxes to the side and one beauty dish from the front and about six foot off the ground. The camera settings were ISO200, f8, 1/125th.

Here is an image from the shoot that day.

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Make up/Hair