Vienna In Love : Definition of Britain’s Got Talent

TV has finally recognised the talent of my friend’s band, Vienna In Love, and they were featured in an advert during a recent episode of Britain’s Got More Talent.  It was a very brief moment, but hey, there were on TV and have had their talent recognised!

For those fo you who don’t know Vienna In Love, they are one of London’s best unsigned Rock-Dance bands, in just 8 months they currently occupy UK chart position 5 on Reverbnation with over 23,000 fans.  Vienna in Love’s single “Love is like War” will be released on April 2012 and is distributed by Interscope Records in itunes USA, UK/EU and Japan, and Spotify.

They have been playing in the UK and United States, including the 2011 Rocktober Festival held at Chicago’s landmark Congress Theater and Scala and Clapham Grand Theatre in London.

To view Vienna In Love’s on line page click here.

I look forward to watching the band grow and receive the sucess they deserve!

Thanks for reading!