Weekly Round up : Exciting Developments!

It has been a really exciting week!  Jaz Ellington, one of my clients, is doing very very well on BBC’s The Voice.  Am really excited for him as God has blessed him with a voice which will make music history.  For those who have not been able to hear him sing, check out this video of Jaz – this is Jaz singing to stay in the competition and move to the live rounds.  Oh, and he was singing when feeling poorly – so you can just imagine what he sounds like when he is on form!

I look forward to working with Jaz, again, soon!  Go Jaz!

Video Lessons

As from the Autumn I will be putting together a You tube channel with my Photoshop tutorials, as well as sharing a few of the techniques that I have picked up over the years.  It has been a steep learning curve for me – from compete Photoshop ignorance, to slowly seeing its full potential.  I am by no means an expert – but would like to share some of the basics I have learnt, which I use on a daily basis when editing.  Very excited about this new direction I will be going in as well as hearing back from viewers with their feedback.

Shooting Celebrities

I am going to have the pleasure of working with a very well known performer, who has recently starred in a Sky 1 show.  I cannot give any names as of yet, however, I look forward to working with this guy and putting a really cool portfolio together for him!  So watch this space for more info…….. ; – )

……and finally!

Some of you may recall my client, and buddy of mine, Julian Klinger [click here], an up and coming UK actor.  Well here is a quick slideshow putting together what we have achieved so far.  I loook forward to doing more work with Julian.


Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts below.