My assignment with Virgin’s Flying Without Fear

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I hope that you are all well?  I am with an exciting post to share with you that involved ITV2, Virgin, and Peter Andre.

As you may be aware ITV2 airs a show called Peter Andre, My Life.  Essentially a fly on the wall documentary covering Peter’s life and work.  Recently, Peter took part in a course run by Flying Without Fear in order to cure his fear of roller coasters and I was there documenting the day for Flying Without Fear.

Flying Without Fear is a highly acclaimed Virgin Atlantic programme that was set up by Richard Conway and Paul Tizzard in November 1997.  Each year there are around 20+ courses that means that there is always a course running somewhere in the UK.  The course aims to give its delegates the ‘choice to fly’.  For some, including myself, fear of flying can either mean not flying at all, or flying comfortably, which can really limit some of your choices that you make in life.  The course is packed full of information, techniques and strategies to help you learn new ways to think about flying.

The location for the day was going to be Thorpe Park, just by their new ride, The Swarm.  The timetable gave us a fair bit of time to set up before Peter’s arrival, so I took that time to get my camera settings right, as well as find the best positions to shoot from ensuring that I was not in the way and out of camera shot (I did not want to be seen on camera, by the way).  Once I had plotted the best shooting positions, I touched base with the executive producer to confirm the dos and don’ts – ie no shooting whilst the cameras are rolling.

My plan and brief for the day was to document Peter’s session with the Flying Without Fear crew, that is Richard Conway, Paul Tizzard, and Gill Harvey-Bush.  After Peter’s classroom session I was to get candid images of him prepping for his practical, and after that a few formal shots with Richard, Paul and Gill.

The session began with Paul and Richard then Gill Harvey-Bush came in to assist with psychological techniques that can be used to alieviate Peter’s fears.  At the conclusion we left the classroom and proceeded to the ride itself, The Swarm!

All of the picures that I took were either using natural available lighting, however, when it came to the group shots I used off camera flash.

If you are interested in finding out more about overcoming your fear of flying, then here is a short promo video for you as well as a link below to Flying Without Fear’s site where you can find out more about the course, the people who run it, as well as other useful info – oh, and by the way, the price is nothing compared to what you get from your day!

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