Promotional Shoot : Paul Knight of London Knights Productions

Hey folks, and thanks for stopping by!  Not so long ago I had the pleasure of working with a very talented man by the name of Paul Knight.  Paul Knight is an award winning independent filmmaker who has been making films since 2009.  He has produced, written and directed an eclectic array of features and short films that have earned him a following in both the literary and film world.

The aim of this shoot was to put together a selection of promotional images for Paul to use on his site, social media as well as press packs.  The session was studio based and involved the use of either three lights (2 softboxes and one beauty dish), or just 1 light (large softbox).  There were three clothing changes, a suit, and two casual outfits.

Before entering the world of film, Paul Knight was writing.  His first novel ‘Coding of a concrete animal’ won the Gossip Girls crime writer award for 2007 and he has been featured in a number of True Crime collaboration books including ‘Bouncers and Bodyguards’ and ‘Respect and Reputation’.

It was at a book launch in 2009 of a fellow author that Paul turned his hand to filmmaking after a heated discussion that a film needed a huge budget to get made. Paul disagreed and set out to prove that all you need is creativity and motivation. That weekend Paul had penned the first draft of his first script, ‘F*cked up’ and on the following Monday put a team together. Armed no with no budget, no contacts and no idea, Paul and the team made their first feature film for £10k.  It was renamed ‘Thugs, Mugs and Violence’ and gained over 6,000 followers within a week of opening up a Facebook page for the film. It was an expensive lesson in how not to make a film, however the experience was priceless and put Paul on his path. He undertook courses in screenplay writing, producing, directing, editing and online marketing to fill the gaps in his arsenal, the final touch was taking the 2 day film school class taught by Dov Simens – whose previous students included Quentin Tarantino, Chris Nolan, Kevin Smith and Guy Ritchie. Every new piece of information learnt was then put into action through a number of projects undertaken by Paul and his team including music videos, shorts and a TV documentary.

It was in 2011 when Paul was approached to do a rewrite on a script called ‘Landscape of Lives’.  This opportunity led to Paul producing and directing the film which was eventually titled ‘A landscape of lies’ starring Danny Midwinter, Philip Brodie, Andre Samson and in a stroke of creative casting, TV presenter and wholesome imaged Andrea McLean from the ITV programme ‘Loose Women’ as the bi-sexual vixen Dr. Audrey Grey. The film went on to win the International Silver Ace Award from the 2012 Las Vegas Film festival for best film.

2012 has already proved to be a great year with the formation of London Knights Productions, Paul’s new production company, a trip to the Cannes film festival and the Silver Ace Award, and all within the first half of the year!

With a slate of new projects in the to-do list, Paul is always on the lookout for new talent whether it is in front of or behind the camera, and is a name to take note of moving forward.

Paul Knight’s filmography includes –

“Thugs, Mugs and Violence” (2009)
“The Bailiff” (2010),
“Le Fear” (2010),
“10” (2010),
“Women in charge” (2011),
“New City Fighter” (2011),
“Birthday Boy” (2011),
“A landscape of lies” (2012)

If you have not already seen the trailer to A Landscape of Lies, here it is.  I cannot wait to watch this as it looks brilliant!

Here are Paul Knight’s links –


You will find a few more images from our shoot on my Facebook page by clicking here.