Promo Shoot : Mel Mills

I am really excited to share with you that I will be working with a very talented British actor by the name of Mel Mills.

Mel Mills is a British actor who has been acting since he was 14 years of age.  For those of you who are horror enthusiasts you may well recognise Mel Mills from playing Frankenstein’s monster.  Up until 2006 Mel was  a part time actor, whereas now Mel is acting full time.
Mel Mills has undertaken roles in short films, trailers, music videos as well as supporting and main roles in fully produced feature films.  The present and future are very bright for Mel and if you are interesting in following his developments then please like his Facebook actor’s page [click here].
If you read my last post [click here] you may have recognised Mel Mills in the trailer for “A Landscape of Lies” [website].  Here is another trailer featuring Mel Mills for you to enjoy!
I am really looking forward to working with Mel and bringing out his characters during the shoot!
Thanks for reading and please feel to leave your thoughts!