Shootin’ stock in the ‘hood!

I have been really inspired to shoot more and more stock since I have discovered that you should never second guess whether an image will be either accepted, and sold.  There are thousands of buyers out there looking for images for all sorts of applications and uses.  There are loads of places that I would love to go to in order to shoot some stock, however, personal circumstances dictate otherwise, so I love exploring what my local neighbourhood has to offer.  And believe you me, there is a lot, not only here, but where you are, too.

Since taking up stock I have been ‘seeing’ more when walking around my neighbourhood, especially when I have my camera.  Now with the added knowledge of stock I have really started to experiment and take my shots to new and different levels just by trying out something new – whether it be angle, or subject for instance.

I seem to be a fan of taking shots to submit them as abstract background textures.  Here are a couple for you that I have taken lately.

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