Shooting Gordon Ramsay – well, sort of!

Last year I had the great pleasure of being introduced to Andrew Monk, who is THE Simon Cowell lookalike who has been on shows such as Pineapple Dance Studios, as well as Britain’s Got Talent as part of The Chippendoubles, and much more.

The Chippendoubles consist of the following look a likes – Simon Cowell, Gordon Ramsay, Mr T, David Beckham, David Brent, Daniel Craig, and Will Smith.  I have got the pleasure of working with a number of them in order to produce some promotional images.  These will be in the form of standard white/grey/black, backgrounds, coloured backgrounds as well as a few composited images.

This week I will be working with martin Jordan, who doubles up for Gordon Ramsay.  I am really excited to be working with him as he bares an uncanny resemblance to Gordon Ramsay.  Here is Martin in action when The Chippendoubles appeared on Britain’s Got Talent!


Thanks for reading and I really cannot wait to share some images from our shoot!!


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