Promo Shoot : Martin Jordan : Gordon Ramsay Lookalike

Hi folks!

Hope this post finds you all well?  I had a blast with Martin Jordan, Gordon Ramsay lookalike the other day in the studio.  We spent a good few hours putting together a broad selection of promo images for Martin’s portfolio and website.

I kept the lighting simple with the shoot.  The lighting was either four, two or one light dependant on the look and mood we were going for.

Here are some of our pictures.

This image of Martin was taken using one large softbox.  I had Martin directly face the softbox and my camera was set to the following 1/200th, f11, ISO200.  It was a simple edit in Photoshop – Double RAW conversion [click here], Contrast using Unsharp Mask, Dodge and Burn, then I used the Reduce Noise filter, added a little High Pass (2.0), and then used the Soft Light blend mode.  To get the black and white look I just used the Black and White adjustment layer.

The lighting on this image was two lights from the front of the subject to his left and right.  Both modified using softboxes.  I got the background that grey colour by using the inverse square law.  The editing included adjusting the eyes.  The whites were adjusted using the screen blend mode, then adding a layer mask, whereas the iris’ were adjusted using the selective colour adjustment layer.  Once that had been done I then added contrast using unsharp mask, then added further detail using vivid light blend mode [click here].  Before concluding the image I added a little dodge and burn, desaturated the image to about 40%.  Used the reduce noise filter, then high pass at 2.0, then to get the image visible I used soft light blend mode.

This image has been edited as above and with this I added a little vignette to focus the viewers attention to the subject.  I hope that this has helped you understand how I achieved this style of processing.

Also as a bonus here is Martin’s showreel for you to enjoy!

Please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on the above images!




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