To delete, or not to delete??

Hi and I hope that you are all well?  Not long now until the Olympic games begin, and I have to say that I am quite excited about it all.

I was going through my hard drive and deleting unwanted images and I found this one that I have included into this post.  This image was taken on a long exposure on a bright sunny day in London on the South side of the Thames facing St Paul’s Cathedral.  So I thought before I delete it let me select some of the presets that I have in Lightroom and see whether anything happens.  So having selected a Graduated Filter preset, I got the image looking slightly reasonable.  Then I opened it in Photoshop and played around with the levels, as well as the blend modes.  Now having edited the image, walking away and coming back to it, I kind of like it and refer to it as a ‘happy accident’ as well as a little lesson to us all not to delete your RAW images until you at least have had a play with them.  You never know!

I know that the image was over exposed and it has been played with in Photoshop, but what do you think? Let me know your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “To delete, or not to delete??

  1. Don’t delete! Photography is not only a way of capturing a scene, it is an art form, the photographers interpretation of the scene. This is a photo of an iconic London landmark, a photo that is taken many times daily by photographers and tourists. Do any of their photographs look like this? Well done Todor.

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