Me and my new Holga

As you know from my previous entry I recently bought a Holga medium format camera.  The one I ordered was a limited edition ‘Jack’ inspired by Jack White of the White Stripes.

I have already used it, however, I was not as successful as I had anticipated, but that was mainly due to my error of not checking the sensitivity of the film I fed through the camera!

If you have not ever seen, felt, or even used a Holga then the first thing that you will notice is that it is made from cheap plastic.  Now I am not complaining as that is what gives the camera its quality, and the unique style of images.  It is fairly large as you can see from the pictures, and as there are no gizmos or gimmicks really easy to set up and use.  I have never used medium format film, but putting that into the camera was quite easy, really.  All you have to remember is that you do it in a darkened room, and the same goes for when taking it out.  This particular package I bought came with a fish eye lens, a number of filters as well as a roll of 120 film (ISO 100).

Am really happy so far, despite the bad start, as I am someone who likes to learn and persevere.  So watch this space!!

Let me know what you think and if you shoot with one of these cameras please feel free to share your images and thoughts!




4 thoughts on “Me and my new Holga

    1. Thanks! Still getting used to the camera, so far I have under-exposed two films and realise that I should be making use of the flash as well as using it outdoors!!

    1. Thanks! Cool camera – although it is a steep and expensive learning curve. This week I will be up loading more images when they are picked up from the developers.
      Thanks for following the blog! I look fwd to reading your posts, too.

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