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Hi folks, and I hope that this blog finds you well?  Wow!  Another week has flown past and it seems like yesterday I had posted Friday’s blog post..  I will be drawing my pension before I know it at this rate!

Today I had the pleasure of working with talented British actor, Mel Mills.  Mel and I had been planning this shoot for a while now, but alas the Olympic games got in the way.  But, today came and we went to the studio where we did some strong portraits of Mel.  I won’t be writing about the entire workflow in this post, however, as a guide it was either a combination of one light (large softbox/snoot/grid), two lights (softboxes), or three lights (two softboxes and one beauty dish).

It did not stop in the studio… Oh, no!  We even went out on location which was a great Brazilian restaurant located on the Harrow Road, which is in North West London.  Whilst we were there we continued our conversation as well as portrait shots, but these were on 35mm and 120mm film.  I used an array of cameras, from Holga, Olympus OM2n, and Olympus Trip, all loaded with a variety of different films.  These films will be ready no later than next week, and I cannot wait! Did I say cannot wait?!  Seriously, I feel like a kid waiting for his Christmas present! I really hope that there are some good shots there!!!

Anyways, here are a couple of teasers for you, and a link to one I have posted on my facebook page [click here]

I really think that Mel really makes them work and they are really full of impact.  Feel free to leave your thoughts below on what you think of these images.

Next time I will be posting a walk through on how some of these images were lit and how I edited them in Photoshop, as well as the tradition film images and the films I had used!

Thanks for reading!


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