A very quick tutorial on scheduling your blog posts with WordPress

Hi and I hope that you are all doing well?  It is a lovely crisp autumn day here in London.  Lovely sky, still not too cold and the leaves on the trees are turning a gorgeous red colour! Love it!  Not long now and it will be Christmas.

I wanted to share a quick tutorial with you on how to schedule your posts.  I sometimes find that I have to prepare posts in advance, so what I will do is spend a few hours writing and then schedule my post for a specific day and time within the week.
So how do I do it?  Well, nothing could be simpler.  The following steps will show you how to schedule your posts.

Step 1
Go to the dashboard and select add new post

Step 2
Complete the post as per usual, but instead of pressing the publish button you will see that above it there is an option saying publish immediately.

Step 3
Press edit which you will find highlighted in blue.

Step 4
Choose the date and time you would like to schedule the post for, in my case I always choose a date within the week, either a Monday/Tuesday/Friday and select a time of 0630hrs.

Step 5
Press OK.  At this stage I always press the Save Draft button.

Step 6
Press the Schedule button.  Once you have pressed it go to the left hand column where you will see the option of All Posts.  When you press that you should see the post at the top, and on the right hand side the word Scheduled.  And that’s it.  It is ready to be automatically posted for you.


I hope this quick tutorial has been of use and was easy to follow!  Please leave any feedback below.

Thanks for stopping by and I shall see you soon!


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