Quick midweek update

Hi folks, and I hope that you are all well? This is a very quick mid week update!

There has been loads of shooting on film, and I cannot wait to develop the negatives and share some of the pictures with you all.  Some various themes, from my kids to the inside of my local church.

Next, I have a big job of going through the archive and editing some of the hundreds of potential stock images.  These I will be ploughing through slowly….  But have to get there as I have been getting some good sales of late.

Finally, one of my images was featured as a front cover on an Israeli magazine.  The image was of my favorite model, Anna, with who, I have worked with on a number of occasions.  Below is the image on the magazine!

Anyhow, must keep it brief, as I have two sick kids to deal with and a wife who is about to drop with a heavy cold… So, no rest for the wicked, so to speak!!!

Until next time!

Thanks for stopping by,


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