Personal Project : Can you help, please?

Hi folks! I hope that you are all well?  Winter is finally settling in with the cold rain, dark nights and colds all round!

Today’s post is a little different in that I am writing to ask whether you may be able to assist me with a personal project that I am planning to begin in 2013.  My intention is to meet, interview and photograph Vietnam War Veterans. The sessions will initially feature on my blog and added to the images taken I would like to have images of the Veterans taken whilst they were in the army – a now and then set of photographs.

This period of history is one that has always been a topic of interest to me, and recently I have revisited this period through the many books that are out there.  I have mainly been focusing on personal stories of soldiers who fought on the front lines.

You may be asking why I want to cover this period of history?  Firstly, to educate, and second, as important as the first, to share the experiences the enlisted Veterans had both in country as well as the way their tour effected them upon their return home.  There is no hidden agenda about the project to look at the rights and wrongs of the war.  Just the facts from those who were there and not another movie.

So what help do I need?  I know that the majority of the Veterans are not UK residents, but I am sure that someone knows a Veteran in the UK, or US who is travelling to the UK.  Naturally, all who get in contact with me will receive full details of the session and what is intended to be done with the accounts given etc. 

Who will I be looking for?  Anyone who would be willing to share their experiences and see their accounts on line as well as published one day.

I really appreciate any help given to me to be able to commence and conclude this project.  Please contact me either via the blog or e-mail todor [ at ]

Thank you so much…  I hope to share some accounts with you in the New Year.


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