Quick update for y’all!

Hi folks and I hope that this blog entry finds you well?  As you can see there has been a lull in the posts, mainly due to prioritising taking care of the family who has been ill, and then our phone line being damaged.  Meaning that I have had to go to the nearest WiFi zone to be able to post this….

So what I will do is just share a few updates for you.

Stock Images
It has been a really good few weeks in terms of stock sales.  I just cannot believe the images that are selling so well!  There are two pictures that have just sold and sold and they are an image of my shirts hanging inside my wardrobe and an image of a mug of tea that I shot one Saturday when I was at a local café!  These images have sold across all four corners of the globe, and I would love to see where they are being put to use! So if anyone sees one of these stock photos in use, please get in touch.

Personal Project
There has been a lot of e-mail traffic between myself and organisations as well as Veterans who served in Vietnam, and not to mention, Australia and New Zealand, something I have to admit that I was ignorant to.

As with any project there is a lot of planning and preparation involved ranging from the logistics of getting together with the Veteran, the where to conduct the interview, to what film, cameras, and audio recording equipment to name but a few!

I am sure that I am going to meet some extraordinary people and even early into my journey there are a few Veterans whom I have met with whom I have conversed via e-mail and actually enjoy hearing from them and having a ‘chat’.  I do hope that one day I can meet with them and share a beer together!  They are John “Chief” Wilborn, Dave Simmons [click here], and Rick “Barney” Bigwood.  John is an amazing carpenter who can put together fantastic pieces of furniture, namely childrens’ rocking chairs (and his wife makes really cute Rag Dolly Annas).  Dave Simmons recently wrote his memoir “Our Turn To Serve”, which is next on my reading list.  Last but not least, Rick Bigwood is from Australia, and he also wrote a memoir named “We were REOS”, again another book on my Kindle’s reading list.  Click here to go to Barney’s website where you can read about him and his service.

Headshot Session
This Wednesday I will be in Central London, based at the famous Pineapple Dance Studios working with an actor and putting together some cool natural light headshots for him to add to his portfolio and give to the new agency which has taken him on.  Should be a good day.   We have some other plans when we get the shots we need to work with the Holga, as well as 35mm film, but that all depends on whether we both get the shots we need and want.

If you want more information on booking a headshot session please get in touch via e-mail or my contact page which you can fin by clicking here
Next time I will be sharing some images for you from my headshot session as well as a number of other images….

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