The Golden Look Technique – Walkthrough

Hi and I hope that you are all well?  Am sitting down in the kitchen typing away and listening to a digital radio station called Smooth Christmas which is really getting me into the spirit of things – as the big day is just over a month away.

Earlier this week I shared an image on the blog which was edited using a distinctive Gold Look that you often see.   Today I would like to give you a step by step walk-through on how I achieved that look.  There are only a few very easy steps, and they all involve the use of 3 Adjustment Layers.

So here you go –

Step 1
Click the Selective Colour adjustment layer and where it says colours select NEUTRALS from the drop down menu.

Step 2
When you have your neutrals showing you need to adjust your CYAN / MAGENTA / YELLOW

-73% CYAN



Step 3
Now you need to add a little contrast to your image so go back to the drop down menu and change from NEUTRALS to BLACKS.

Step 4
Go to the slider marked BLACK and change the value from 0% to about +15%

Step 5
Now return to your adjustment layers and select the HUE and SATURATION adjustment layer.  But before you press it you also need to press your ALT key.
You will see a dialog box appear and where it says MODE change it from NORMAL to SOFT LIGHT and press OK.

Step 6
Click COLORIZE which is a box to the right of three pipettes.  Once you have pressed this go to HUE and adjust it so that you get quite a warm tone.  My settings would be as follows

33 HUE

Step 7
In order to adjust the shadows and lighten the very dark areas you will need to click onto the LEVELS adjustment layer.  Now adjust your levels to suit your image.

What I would recommend is that you play around with the settings as I have found that each image is different, so the values I have given you are just a guide – these are the values I used for the image of Mel Mills [click here].

Let me know how you get on with this technique and please feel free to share a link to your images, as I would love to see how you have put this technique to use.

Thanks for reading!

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