Weekly Roundoup!

Hey there, and I hope that you are all well and slowly easing into 2013?

It has been a busy start for me stock-wise.  I have over 2000 images that I need to go through, select stock worthy images, edit, keyword and upload to the various agencies that I contribute to.  Although it may seem like a massive arduous task the long term benefit of stock outweighs what is ahead.

Although I have embarked upon on a personal project that is like looking for a needle in a haystack, I have managed to get into contact with a veteran via the author of a book I read recently called, “We were REOs” by Richard ‘Barney’ Bigwood.  We are in the latter stages of finalising a date to meet and conduct the interview.  I know it will be a tough day, covering sensitive areas of someone’s life which involve the deaths of comrades and the effects, but at the same time a chance to share to the readers/listeners something that I think is very important.  Richard Bigwood is actually an Australian who served with the Australian Army within Vietnam.  If you would like to find out more about him please go to his site, where you can also download his book, too [click here]

February will be busy for me – not only have I been asked to photograph my cousin’s wedding, but my wife and I will be godparents, christening our nephew.  It will be a typical Big Fat Greek Christening!  I know I don’t usually shoot weddings, however, I do shoot a limited number annually, in company with a very talented second shooter, by the name of Ian Scanlon.

My cousin will be getting married at St Sophia’s Cathedral, Moscow Road, where my wife and I got married, then they will be having a lovely reception at a cool Greek Restaurant called Elysee, which is in Central London.

For the new visitors here’s a sample slideshow of a wedding I photographed at Pembroke Lodge, which is located in Richmond Park, South West London.

Finally, I will be going into the studio in order to build my physique portfolio.  I have a willing an able volunteer and from what I have seen of his upper torso, I would like to quote Scott Kelby and ask whether we are even the same species!!

If you are London based and would like to be a stock model please get in touch for further information and to book with me a session.  It will be on a time for print basis and we would essentially be doing lifestyle shots in and around North West London.  Alternatively, if you have a wedding or christening requirement get in touch and I would be more than happy to be your photographer.

Thanks for topping by.  If you have any questions, or comments please feel free to use the comment section, or alternatively you can e-mail me todor@nw10photography.com

Have a lovely weekend!


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