A very quick skin softening technique using the High Pass Filter

Hi there and welcome to the blog.  I hope that you are having a lovely second week of the new year.

I thought that I would share a very quick technique for you involving softening skin using the High Pass Filter.

Here is the image with the technique having been used on her skin.

Rollei Film

And here is the technique!

Step 1

Duplicate the image layer, Command/Control J

Step 2

Change the blend mode of the duplicated layer from NORMAL to OVERLAY.  Now, invert this by pressing Command/Control I.

Step 3

Under the Filter Menu select OTHER and choose HIGH PASS.  When the dialogue box appears enter 10 pixels, and click OK.  Instead of looking sharp your image will look blurry, as this is because you have inverted the layer and it is doing the opposite of what you are asking it to do.

Step 4

To tame the blurriness of the image you will need to go to the FILTER MENU, go to BLUR, and select GAUSSIAN BLUR.  What you will want to do is set your slider to between 1 and 5 pixels.  You will see that the skin is beginning to look good now, with lots of smooth texture on the skin.  Click OK.

Step 5

This is the step where you will have to add a LAYER MASK.  Press your OPTION/ALT key and click on the add LAYER MASK icon.  This will cover what you have already done so far.

Step 6

Select a medium sized soft brush.  Set the OPACITY to 100 in eh OPTIONS BAR and make sure that your foreground colour is set to white.  Paint over the areas that require softening.   And voila! Skin has been softened!

Step 7

Should your skin softening appear way too photoshopped, then don’t forget to reduce the OPACITY.

Let me know what you think of this technique – feel free to leave a comment below or alternatively you can contact me via e-mail todor@nw10photography.com.

Until next time, I hope that you have a lovely weekend!


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