Zack Arias Video :: Signal and Noise :: Produced for Scott Kelby dot com


I hope that you are well well?  I cannot believe that we have already come to the end of January! Time sure is flying by.

I was reading through a very interesting article on Scott Kelby’s blog written by Zack Arias, both of whom I admire.  The article had some very interesting points which I will be commenting on in another post, but the purpose of this post it to share the following video.  If there was ever a Holy Book for photograpers there will have to be a chapter entitled The Gospel according to Zack Arias.

I found this very inspirational as I am a huge fan of Zack Arias and his keep it simple philosophy. I think a lot of us will/would have the same thoughts (signal, or noise) running through our heads, too.  And if there is one bit of advice I am really sticking to since I heard it a few years back is “mastering the gear that I own.” 

Please watch this video, listen to the words, and when it is finished think about it…. Seriously, think about it!


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