How Facebook rescued me last minute

Hi and I hope that you are all well?

Recently I had a personal fitness instructor book a promotional shoot with me in the studio.  On the morning of the shoot I received a message from him explaining that he had caught a virus that was going round, and despite his willing to make the effort to attend the studio, despite his illness, I suggested that we postpone to another date.  So this left me with just under 4 hours to either cancel the studio, or find someone, and quick.

That is where Social Media, in this case Facebook, came to my assistance.  I promptly posted what I was looking for and within under an hour I had someone to fill in the slot that I was reluctant to cancel.

That someone was a friend of mine who was 38 weeks pregnant.  We had a great time time in the studio trying out different lighting styles as well as a few wardrobe changes.

Here is one of my favourite images from our shoot.  This was shot with one light.  The post production work carried out on this image was to sharpen, add contrast and do a simple black and white conversion by desaturating in Lightroom. 

One light maternity portrait


So what is the moral of this post, aside from sharing a portrait of a pregnant woman?  Make full use of social media, like in this case a tool for finding someone last minute.  My day and space at the studio was not wasted.

Have you got any examples where social media has helped out last minute, if so please feel free to share your thoughts and comments in the sections below.

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