I don’t photograph weddings, but if I did the pictures would look a little bit like this!

Hi and hope you are all well?

Now, I am not a wedding or event photographer, but I am happy to take on the occasional such task.  One of those times was recently when my cousin asked me to photograph his wedding day.

It was a Greek service that was held at St Sophia’s Cathedral, Moscow Road, London, and the reception was at Elysee Restaurant, Percy Street, just off Tottenham Court Road.  My cousins were happy for me to share a very small number of images as sneak peaks of their wedding day.  If you are not familiar with a Greek wedding you can click here where I have written a short piece about what to expect.

I used both my Nikon bodies.  As I use prime lenses they were loaded with the 24mm and 50mm, with flash being used on a couple of the group images.  I am not a great fan of using flash when photographing a wedding as I prefer available natural light.  On the day I did have an assistant, Ian Scanlon, of Double Vision Photography.

My settings were either manual, or aperture priority mode.  The ISO was on Auto (EXIF shows between ISO100 and ISO12,800)  and the aperture varied between f1.4 and f5.6.



There are more pictures on the Facebook Page I created for my cousin, where I will be adding a lot more when I give them there images.  Feel free to head on over and check the other wedding photographs out [click here].

I cannot wait to finish off their images and upload more for you all to see.

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4 thoughts on “I don’t photograph weddings, but if I did the pictures would look a little bit like this!

  1. beautiful photos, todor! love the emotion you captured…you can feel that they are happy and really love each other by their expressions!

    1. Thanks! I appreciate your comments. I have almost completed my edits and when they are complete I will be uploading the page on facebook, so feel free to check them out when they are done. I would photograph weddings, but for a couple of reasons don’t want to.

      1. I saw the ones on your friend’s facebook page — really lovely! I never considered photographing weddings either — too much pressure & too much time away from family on weekends.

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