A very quick round up

Hi and I hope that you are all doing well?

This week’s post is a very short round up of what has been happening and what will be featured on the blog.  I have been really impressed with the amount of sales that I have been having at Shutterstock of late.  For some reason the sales have began to increase.  I think that I am beginning to discover the key to getting more sales on stock, now and cannot wait to return to the studio of the next couple of weeks and put more images together.

A couple of Shutterstock Links

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Here is an image from a stock shoot I did with my sons.  This is what I like about stock is that there are images everywhere that you can capture and submit.  This particular image was going to be about brothers, family, happy times and bath-time.  But for a number of reasons I did not choose it as an image to be uploaded.  Had my eldest been a little more interactive then things would have been a little different, but it just didn’t scream stock.  Instead I have a picture of the boys to cherish, really.

BOys blog

This image was taken with bounced flash, and in AV mode.  All that was done was a quick black and white conversion in Photoshop, and skin smoothening.

Next week I will be sharing some more images from a shoot I did the other week for a Hertfordshire based actor as well as explaining how my mum saved the day!

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