Sneak Peak image from recent promo shoot with Penelope Sharp

Hi y’all and I hope that you are well?

I have had major issues with my telephone line, and therefore not able to get onto the internet, as well as make telephone calls!  My provider, British Telecom uses archaic aluminium cables that snap every so often rendering our line inoperative – meaning no telephone and no wifi! However, it is fixed now and I am finally able to do what needs to be done!

Here is an image that I wanted to share from a recent shoot with Penelope Sharp.  This was an image taken in the studio and then composited onto a different background.  Over the next week I will be blogging a few more from our shoot together and talk you through the images.


Feel free to share your thoughts, especially any comments about the composite itself.  I am slowly venturing into this territory so any feedback will be well received.

I currently have limited availability for promo shoots, so please get in touch if you would like further info and to book a session.

Thanks for stopping by!


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